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Women in Business MP is an association of dynamic, connected and diverse Mornington Peninsula leaders who extend their energies beyond their livelihoods and meaningfully into supporting their community. Through time, diverse skills and expertise, our Association seeks not just to empower our local leaders but to advocate and act on their behalf. We are deeply committed to a more prosperous, progressive and purpose-led Mornington Peninsula community. We seek like-minded female leaders who are passionate about the same and who want to help us bring this vision to life. Check our current vacancies below but if these don’t match your skills, feel free to reach out and let us know how you’d like to contribute.

CONTRACTOR: Secretary | Membership & Partnerships Lead. 

Reporting directly to the Chair, this role is two-fold: 

    1. Membership & Partnerships Lead: you will support our board in building our community of inspiring members and partners. You will have the opportunity to actively engage with purpose driven business and community leaders, grow meaningful partnerships and our membership base to extend our positive impact.
  • Secretary: In this role you will provide secretariat and governance support to the Board by coordinating meetings and other key secretarial duties.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Serving as our first point of contact for members and stakeholders 
  • Actively contributing to membership growth and engagement 
  • Developing and nurturing partnerships to extend our impact and reach 
  • Maintaining our membership directory, keeping records up to date and providing regular reports
  • Coordinating board meetings, preparing agendas, papers, minutes and action items
  • Attending our 6 weekly board meetings monthly meetings (alternating online and face-to-face)  
  • Managing the Association’s record keeping in line with legal requirements 
  • Supporting Association events including sending invites, managing RSVPs and catering
  • Provide administrative support to programs from preparing and distributing agendas, reports and team coordination.  

About you… 

You will bring the following attributes/skills:

  • Great communication skills to support partnership & membership engagement and growth
  • Excellent administrative and reporting skills
  • The ability to work both ‘hands-on’ and autonomously in a small, part time volunteer team environment
  • Strong customer experience focus
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A passion for giving back to the community, supporting women and ethical practices.

Great to have but not essential 

  • Experience using CRM Systems highly regarded but not essential
  • Experience in providing high level secretariat and governance support to committees and boards, knowledge of supporting these teams, meeting procedures, decision making rules, compliance aspects. 
  • Proficient in proof reading and writing reports
  • Proficiency with the Google Suite 
  • Prior experience growing partnerships and membership engagement in member-based organisations

Time Commitment: This is a flexible, part time role with a time commitment of approximately 15 hours per month. 

As a contractor, you will bring: your own computer and ABN  

Benefits: this role is remunerated with $35/hour. Opportunities to increase remuneration is directly aligned with membership and partnership growth targets.     

Opportunity to participate in various personal and professional development events via Association activities across the year. 

Opportunities to connect to a vibrant and dynamic membership base – including some of our community’s most influential female leaders. 

Opportunities to establish relationships with leaders of government and policy. 

Opportunities to engage with our partner organisations – to volunteer with community initiatives and support vulnerable women, ethical and sustainable projects. 

Ready to apply? 

If you value being part of an impactful team and want to work with some of the Peninsula’s most inspiring women, please send your CV with a cover letter responding to the skills required for this role: hello@womeninbusiness.org.au  

Please direct any questions to Melissa Goffin, Chair and Founder on 0439 390 923.

Detailed Role Responsibilities

Record Minutes: ensuring accurate minutes of meetings are taken and approved. 

Record keeping: ensuring that records are maintained and made available when required. Filing of Documents – The Secretary may be the registered agent with respect to the laws of the jurisdiction.; the person upon whom legal notice to the corporation is served, and responsible for ensuring that documents necessary to maintain the corporation are filed.

Policies and procedures: The board secretary ensures that key policies and procedures are not sitting on a shelf collecting dust. This officer should be your “board expert” on policies and procedures. The secretary should be prepared to call attention to policies and procedures during board meetings and decision-making processes to ensure that the board is transparent, ethical, and compliant.

Membership engagement: The Secretary ensures that official records are maintained of members of the organization and Board. You will ensure that these records are available when required for reports, elections, referenda, other votes, etc.

Oversee Membership lists: the secretary should be involved in maintaining membership lists. Keep in mind that a membership governance model is NOT synonymous with a membership program. Membership governance models indicate that the power of decision-making rests on the full body of “members” rather than a governing board of directors. This distinction is important because most secretaries will not bear the responsibility of managing membership programs designed to engage the community in programs or charitable giving. That task might fall on a development director or resource development committee.

Communication – The Secretary ensures that proper notification is given of directors’ and members’ meetings. The Secretary manages the general correspondence of the Board of Directors except for such correspondence assigned to others.

Meetings – The Secretary participates in Board meetings as a non voting member. The Secretary prepares agendas as guided by the Chair / Deputy Chair. 

While not required, the most engaged board secretary might also chair a “governance committee or task force” that is responsible for reviewing key policies, initiating board amendment processes, editing and approving policies/procedures, and contributing to the leadership development processes such as the onboarding or offboarding of board members.

Provide Safekeeping of all official contracts and records: The Board Secretary should maintain and preserve all organization records in a secure location that is approved by the board. Your board might require that all hard copy official records be kept in a secure location at the office to ensure that board members have access or that the secretary utilize a file-sharing system to store and distribute digital records.

Published notices of scheduled meetings are required in the bylaws: Many organizations look to the Executive Director or Board Chair to send out reminders for meetings, but the leadership team should be turning to the Secretary to send out all official “calls to meeting.”

Track board member terms: Your board secretary should keep a running list of board “classes” to ensure the successful rotation of board members at the end of their specified term. As new board members are “onboarded” the secretary should record the beginning and end dates of their term. As board members complete their service term, the secretary should send them a reminder acknowledging the end of their term limit and thanking them for their service.

Also, all board members should be instructed to inform the secretary in writing if they are going to miss a scheduled meeting (excused or unexcused absence), renew their board term limit (upon invitation of the board), or resign from the board.

Ensure that key contact information for the organization’s leadership team is current. As the organization’s “Communicator in Chief,” the board secretary should always have the most current contact information for board and staff members on file. It is helpful if contact information also includes a “preferred communication method” for each member, so the secretary knows which board members respond best to a hardcopy document, email, social media message, or phone call.

Primary Duties: 

  • The creation and timely distribution of agenda for Board meetings) and Association membership meetings (e.g. annual general meeting) 
  • The accurate recording and distribution of the minutes of Board of Directors meetings. 
  • The creation and maintenance of an up-to-date board planning calendar
  •  Maintenance of a full contact list of board members including board member appointment dates, term of appointments and board member bios
  • In the event that the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting where minutes or notes are to be taken, it is the secretary’s responsibility to finds an alternate. 

Secondary Duties 

  • The updating, maintaining and safe storage of the Association’s Minute Book and other legal documents
  • Oversight of the Association’s incorporation and facilitation of all annual filings of required reports and information. 
  • The maintenance of a file or manual of governance policies and a systematic schedule for their review as determined by the board. 
  • The maintenance of an up-to-date list of members of the Association
  • The management of external correspondence and ensuring that requests made of the Board of Directors, or relevant to the governance of the Association, is reported and responded to in a timely manner
  • The accurate recording and distribution of the minutes of the Association’s Annual General Meeting is managed appropriately. In the event of a change of Secretary at an AGM, the incoming secretary will assume the responsibilities of the office at the first Directors’ meeting following his/her election or appointment. 


The secretary ought to have:

  • A commitment to, and a clear understanding of the mission of the organization 
  • At least one year of previous service on the Board 
  • Knowledge of the meeting procedures, decision-making rules, governance policies and the bylaws of the Association 
  • An adequate level of writing proficiency and access to a computer for word processing purposes Evaluation The effectiveness of the secretary’s role, conduct and position description may be evaluated as part of the evaluation of the board itself. 

new board member

The Association is looking for a multi-skilled female, pro bono Board Member to step into this diverse role. 

Reporting to the Chair of the Board, your responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Providing expert advice and guidance to the Association in the areas of your expertise
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of the Association’s strategic plan and annual business plans
  • Leading a specific strategic program streams in collaboration with Association members, stakeholder and community
  • Championing the Association’s values and purpose; ensuring that ethical behaviour and integrity is maintained; and contributing to be ‘a force for good’
  • Actively participating in respectful debates, discussions, and decision-making processes
  • Developing and maintaining key stakeholder relationships to extend impact
  • Managing any other matters as agreed by the Association and Board

The successful candidate will be a Mornington Peninsula business or community leader. 

You will bring tertiary qualifications and / or experience in Leadership, Business, Marketing, Engagement, Finance or other disciplines relevant to the work of the Association. You will ideally have an understanding of the political and economic landscape, with the ability to dissect and interpret information in an impartial manner.

You will demonstrate advanced communication skills, sound judgement and have the flexibility and commitment to attend 6-weekly board (alternating between morning in person and evening online) meetings and a number of Association events held throughout the year. 

Please email a cover letter speaking to the criteria and responsibilities plus CV here

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.”

Ginni Rometty