This Girl Is Me: Sophie O’Neil

Meet our next board member, the incredible Peninsula based Sophie O’Neil.

Sophie is the Co-Founder and Director of Torello Farm, our region’s amazing regenerative farm loved by Victorians far and wide! Here’s what Sophie shares about her childhood:


#thislittlegirlisme swinging on a rail at the Young Picnic Races, miffed that I had to wear a skirt.

👗 I still don’t like wearing skirts, or being told what to do. But this little girl has a wonderful life which began on a farm in NSW to Sydney, Canberra, England, France, Melbourne and back to farming life on the Mornington Peninsula.

Yes, I lost my Mum when I was 17, which was devastating and something I will never fully recover from. But losing her so young has taught me the most important lesson, that life is precious. ✨
🌏 I truly understand that we are on this beautiful planet for such a short time. And that motivates me to get things done. To be kind. To be strong. And to love.”

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