This Girl Is Me: Laura Wattie

We are thrilled to introduce you to our next board member and vice chair, Laura Wattie.

Laura is the founder and Director of Grendesign, a creative agency in Mornington and
Grenco, a boutique co-working space. Here’s Laura’s inspiring childhood reflection:


The girl who lived in her own little bubble of imagination….

A bit of a loner….

Happy playing on her own.. creating worlds.. adventures….. and fun.

That still holds true today but in a different way.
☀️ I love creating… ideas and creation are my passion….thinking outside the square…. finding solutions… a client meeting fills up my cup.

I thrive on challenges and still love an adventure. I’m forever wanting to push myself and see where it takes me.

⛅️ Cloud watching is how I decompress from a busy day… or a walk in nature. That little girl still holds strong but with so many life lessons to now draw on. Having my 2 amazing kids has really reconnecting me with this little girl… they bring you back to the present… the returning of magic and imagination.. the cycle begins again.

My motto – keep things simple . . . . no drama….. and have fun….

And to all the girls out there . . . . stay true to who you are… your individuality may appear to be your weakness but I assure you — it will be your strength and power in your future.”

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