our priorities

At the heart of our association are our 4 impact areas.
Developed and delivered collaboratively, they are a collective call to action for our members: 



Organisational sustainability & governance

Strengthening our organisational capability & capacity to deliver on our goals.

  • Evolve our leadership and governance to maximise outcomes
    for women in our region.
  • Ensuring that we are financially strong and sustainable.
  • Ensure that operational structure allows for delivery
    and growth.
  • Develop relationships with partner & sponsor organisations
    that mutually benefit and promote sustainability.
  • Ensure membership growth to support ongoing viability and
    responsibility is understood, tracked and reflected upon.

Brand & storytelling

To build and strengthen the profile of WiBMP, women-led
business and community leaders

  • Publicising the role of female led small and
    medium-sized businesses
  • Profiling local business to locals and visitors to
    activate community spending and support for local
    business #buylocalfirst
  • Sharing member stories, paths and impact roles in the
    community (including qualitative and quantitative info).
  • Recognising and celebrating the achievements of local
    business women

Research & advocacy

To better understand and advocate for the unique opportunities
and challenges facing female business & community leaders

  • Develop and nurture relationships with government and
    local bodies for information sharing, resource attraction
    and developing opportunities for member businesses
    and community.
  • Developing, sharing and utilising research that qualifies
    and quantifies our challenges, value and successes.
  • Influence through research, advocacy & collaborations.
  • Empowering partners, communities and stakeholders
    to support actions for women-led businesses and
    community leaders.

Business & individual capacity building

To empower the development and growth of our members
and their businesses / organisations

  • Enabling women to progress career choice and growth
    on the MP.
  • Addressing barriers, attracting and retaining local talent
  • Enabling businesses to start and remain on the Peninsula
  • Supporting and promoting women into leadership roles
  • Collaboration and advocacy to move through the barriers
    facing women-led businesses.

Remember to spend wisely!
Every dollar we spend is a vote for the community we’d like to be part of’.