our priorities

At the heart of our association are our 5 impact areas.
Developed and delivered collaboratively, they are a collective call to action for our members: 



Advocacy & Education

  • Advocating and addressing unique opportunities and challenges facing women-led businesses on the Mornington Peninsula.
  • Developing and nurturing relationships with government and local bodies for information sharing, resource attraction and developing opportunities for member businesses and community.
  • Developing, sharing and utilising research that qualifies and quantifies our challenges and successes.

Business and Personal Development

  • Empowering female-led businesses and member businesses’ development and growth.
  • Supporting and promoting women into leadership roles
  • Collaboration and advocacy to move through the barriers facing women-led businesses.

Force for good

Collaborating to grow our collective social and environmental impact, incl.

  • Supporting non profits who work to address local challenges
  • Supporting and empowering women in the wider community
  • Supporting young females to support their wellbeing and careers

Business and Community Connection

Improving women-led business profile/reputation through:

  • Publicising the role of small and medium-sized business
  • Profiling local business to locals and visitors to activate community spending and support for local business #buylocalfirst
  • Sharing member stories, paths and impact roles in the community
  • Recognising and celebrating the achievements of local business women
  • Promoting the value of tourism, hospitality and the arts.


  • Addressing barriers, attracting and retaining local talent
  • Enabling businesses to start and remain on the Peninsula
  • Enabling young women to stay and progress their career choice on the Peninsula


our ‘BetterTogether’ Program to accelerate the collective impacts of our businesses through education and employment, sponsorships and donations, community support and progressive environmental actions, which will have extensive benefits to the local community and will speed up recovery.


Is designed for local women in business who have been challenged by the pandemic.


Is not sector or industry specific

Rather it is an inclusive program that celebrates diversity, inclusion and collective positive impact 


Encourages locals to understand their collective interests

In supporting local business and understand the wider impacts that these businesses contribute to their community. 


Goes beyond networking

Is instead focused on impact and ensuring that the work we are doing within our businesses is extending outward to address our business and underlying challenges in our community.

Remember to spend wisely!
Every dollar we spend is a vote for the community we’d like to be part of’.