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How do we get what we need

 As we move past International Women's Day and inch closer towards Mother's Day, it's fitting to contemplate the perennial question of whether women can truly have everything they desire.Is it possible for a woman to manage a career alongside three children? How...

Our Stories

Federal Election Wrap Up

Well done to all those women who ran for the Federal Election. Those women who supported them. And to all those who overwhelmingly voted. Regardless of whether your candidate won or lost, this election reflected the amazing diversity and capacity of those in the...


Impacts of COVID Forum

Covid Impacts, Needs and Solutions On Friday, 20 August 2021, Women in Business Mornington Peninsula hosted a forum to understand the impacts of COVID on our business and community with the purpose of considering how we may better advocate for them. We were joined...


Update Survey Results

We really wanted to share the data we’ve collected from the last few months on the effects of lockdowns for business on the Peninsula. View our updated results from our survey to date 24th August 2021


Vic Lockdown 4 Impacts

With another 7 days of lockdowns in Victoria, the reality of managing our businesses, caregiving, supporting staff, suppliers and community are weighing heavily upon all of us.

“Lean in, speak out, have a voice in your organization, and never use the word, ‘sorry’.

Trish Bertuzzi