Initial Research

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See below some initial research data

Lack of access to funds

In 2019, 2.8% of funding went to women-led startups; in 2020, that fell to 2.3%.

Women are less likely to receive bank loans because of gender bias.

Balancing Responsibilities

Women are more likely to have responsibilities within the home that affect their work. Without social support, this issue is magnified.

Access to knowledge and experience

Laws, culture, tradition and politics within a patriarchal society have traditionally limited the ways in which women can participate in and access leadership roles.

Confidence and internal resources

Women, more than men, tend to question their own abilities, fear failure and rely on humility and service rather than self belief, promotion and confidence needed in entrepreneurship. 

Effects from COVID

In Victoria, women make up 61 per cent of all job losses from COVID and the delay in returning to work for many women risks long term scarring from longer periods of unemployment. This scarring effect has been shown to reduce lifetime earnings, which for women are already on average only two-thirds of men.

Federal budget policies have not targeted predominantly female led industries that have been hardest hit, nor have they created supports within childcare to facilitate more women returning to the workforce.

“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.”

Ginni Rometty